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The great potential of Kerman province in industry, mining, agriculture activities required to create scientific and educational centers that can provide practical research in solving industrial and societal problem. Therefore, Graduate University of Advanced Technology (GUAT) design was a good opportunity for the presence of academic research and technology centers in which to establish an industrial postgraduate university.

In 2007, with the approval of the Higher Education Development Council at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, I.R. of Iran the license for the establishment of the GUAT was issued.

Graduate University of Advanced Technology (GUAT) in Kerman is a public university and the only postgraduate industrial university in the southeastern area of the country that composed of five faculties, namely: Faculty of Modern Science and Technology, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Faculty of Mechanics and Materials Engineering. Furthermore, The Research Institute of Sciences and High Technology and Environmental Sciences is the only research institute outside of Tehran that has five Research Institutes including: Institute of Environmental Sciences, Institute of Photonics, Institute of Materials, Institute of Energy, Institute of Environment, Research Group of IT and Computer, and 33 advanced laboratories.


GUAT Strategy 2020-2024

This strategies will enable GUAT promote its research agenda in solving local and national challenges.

  • Increase the quality, quantity and impact of our research, scholarship and innovation
  • Provide an inclusive educations experience that defines international best practice and prepared our graduates to thrive in present and future societies.
  • Continue to build our engagement locally, nationally and internationally
  • Attract, retain and develop an excellent and diverse cohort of students, faculty and staff
  • Recruit additional excellent faculty members
  • Increase our student population, enhancing quality and diversity
  • Implement advanced systems and services


In terms of internationalization strategy, GUAT strategies are:

  • Enhancing GUATs staff and students experience trough exchange programe with universities and research cnetrs globaly.
  • Helding international scientific seminars, congresses and symposia.
  • Supporting GUATs staff trough sabbatical leave and scientific travel.
  • Providing required information for recruiting foreign students in Masters and Ph.D. courses.
  • Developing MoUs of scientific cooperation with universities and research centers.
  • Supporting staff, students and knowledge-based companies for holding short-term training and research courses, specialized workshops, and participate in technology and innovation exhibitions internationally.
  • Planning of joint teaching and research activities with local and foreign scientific centers.
  • Publishing and advertising scientific and technological achievements of the universitys staff, students through books, documents, journals, and GUATs website.



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