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Provision of energy has always been one of the most significant concerns of countries all over the world and is now increasingly changing into a crisis. Progress, security, and welfare of each nation is largely dependent on sustainable energy. Human being is facing two crises caused by two factors relating to energy in the 21st century (rightly called the century of Clean Energy), the first of which being the environment pollution caused by fossil fuels and the other one relating to the decrease of fossil energy resources. These crises are not specific to any geographical region and, rather, all countries are involved in. The GUATs Institute of Energy was established in 2004 with the main objective to help resolve these crises using the regional potentials of renewable energies and gaining more efficiency from fossil energy resources and training and educating the specialists in this filed. This institute was licensed by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 2005 and formed the three following departments:

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