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Universities and industries are the two active and essential sectors for development of all societies, the success of which requiring bilateral effective cooperation; this sort of cooperation enables the researchers to resolve the challenges of research and industry and paves the way for quick development of universities in line with the science and technology strategy of the country. The GUATs University-Industry Relations Office is responsible for successful implementation of this task. Indeed, this office serves as a bridge between the university and the outside institutions, within such areas of research and technology as organizations, industries, and mines in the province.
So far, this office has signed over 40 protocols with different industry and research centers. Moreover, about 40 plans have been administered outside the university and 15 other ones are being executed.

Objectives and responsibilities of this office include:

  •  planning at middle levels to guide the university advancements in line with Irans science and technology strategies
  •  planning for development of applied and technology researches in line with research priorities of the country
  • planning for expansion of national and international relations between the university and the local and national industries
  • assessing the requirements of industries and other organizations
  • creating an appropriate atmosphere for attracting and allocating industries projects to university researchers
  •  providing informational, organizational, legal, and contractual support for research plans outside the university
  • promoting an interaction between university students and the industrial and mining centers
  •  creating the field for employing all sorts of technologies (especially the novel technologies)
  •  improving the efficiency and effectiveness of technology-related plans and projects
  • -attracting and developing financial resources to the university through signing research contracts with other organizations
  •  contributing to qualitative and quantitative development of the region and the country and commercializing the research achievements of technologies
  • Supporting innovations and inventions in the different fields of technology and establishing relationships with national organizations like the Elites Foundation, the Researchers Foundation, etc.
  •  Creating the required field for exchanging the scientific and technical knowledge between the university and the industries
  •  Planning and coordinating the scientific and research meetings and sessions between the industry and technical centers and the faculty members, experts, and students
  • Inviting the officials and experts of industries to visit the university and participate in specialized teams with the goal to enhance the required ties
  •  signing scientific, research, and technology protocols with industries and other organizations
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