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Faculty of Sciences and Modern Technologies

Advanced technologies, being regarded as a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable development, are among the most significant human achievements and are proved to be capable of providing solutions to the third millennium issues. Status of countries and nations in the world today largely depends on their potential and capabilities in the fields of advanced technologies. This faculty was thus established with the aim to develop new interdisciplinary majors in engineering, to catch up with modern industrial and technological developments of the world, and to provide the infrastructures of knowledge-creation and engineering in technologies. Nowadays, the fields of medicine, environmental sciences, agriculture, defense, and production industries are increasingly expressing their need for high-quality services in technical engineering. To fulfill this need, new applications have been created which cannot operate by common technologies and, therefore, novel approaches in science and technology ought to be formed via development of interdisciplinary majors. In other words, traditional technologies cannot fulfill new needs which require initiatives in all majors especially in engineering sciences. Regarding the recent rapid developments and the need for competing with global scientific and industrial advancements, a great deal of effort is required if we want to fill the existing gap and possess new technologies. The GUAT attempts to take serious steps toward this goal at the Faculty of Sciences and Modern Technologies by developing interdisciplinary majors in engineering sciences by educating post-graduate students and conducting new researches.

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