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Department of Computer and Information Technology

     This department aims to develop IT-related sciences and technologies and has focused its efforts on research and education at higher-education level, including the following:

  • conducting basic, applied, and developmental researches relating to IT and gaining access to its advanced technologies
  • developing interdisciplinary researches with the aim to promote applications of IT in other branches of science
  • holding educational workshops, scientific seminars, and research programs with the aim to enhance scientific competencies of its researchers
  • executing industrial plans and establishing close ties with industries in order to remove existing barriers and to promote the quality of their activities
  • assisting the research laboratories and providing the required equipment and support for laboratories and research counseling services in various educational, industrial, production, and executive centers of the province

Main research priorities:

  • intelligent systems
  • networks and multimedia systems
  • digital systems
  • information security
  • software engineering

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