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Department of Photonics

Major (Course): Photonics

Program: M.Sc. & Ph.D.

Brief Description:

Since its inception, the term "photonics" has been applied to increasingly wide realms of application, with connotations that distinguish it from the broader-brush terms "optics" or "the science of light". Photonics is the study of the fundamental properties of light. It deals with how to generate, detect and manipulate both classical and non-classical light. This branch of physics is mainly concerned with quantum optics, electro-optics, optoelectronics, and quantum electronics. Among them, quantum optics, for example, is a branch of atomic, molecular, and optical physics, which deals with how individual quanta of light, known as photons, interact with atoms and molecules. It includes the study of the particle-like properties of photons. Photons have been used to test many of the counter-intuitive predictions of quantum mechanics, such as entanglement and teleportation, and are a useful resource for quantum information processing.

Courses Title: Photonics I & II, Quantum Optics I & II, Nonlinear Optics I & II, Advanced Spectroscopy, Optical Communications, Advanced Laser I & II, Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics, and Statistical Mechanics.

Email: mj.faghihi@kgut.ac.ir

Department of Photonics

Fields of study:

  • Quantum Optics
  • Quantum Electrodynamics
  • Quantum Information
  • Laser & Nanophysics
  • Nanophotonics
  • Integrated Photonics
  • Solar Cell


M.Sc. in Photonics

Ph.D. in Optics & Laser

Faculty Members:

 Dr. Hassan Safari

Field of study: Quantum Optics, Quantum Electrodynamics

Academic rank: Associate Professor

Department: Photonics

Email: h.safari@kgut.ac.ir


Dr. Mehdi Tajaldini

Field of study: Laser, Nanophotonics, Integrated Photonics, Solar Cell

Academic rank: Assistant Professor

Department: Photonics

Email: m.tajaldini@kgut.ac.ir


Dr. Mohammad Javad Faghihi

Field of study: Quantum Optics, Quantum Information

Academic rank: Assistant Professor

Department: Photonics

Email: mj.faghihi@kgut.ac.ir




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