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International Relations manager:

Dr.Hamid Reza Naji

Associate professor

Computer Engineering and Information Technology


Main Activities:

 -         To establish scientific interrelations with local and foreign universities, with the aim to provide and acquire the research- and science- related data as well as to find education- and research- partners from other higher education institutes

-         To provide translation services for correspondence, journals, and other documents into and from different languages, based on the requirements of the KGUTs departments and divisions

-         To plan for and cooperate with the KGUTs faculties and institutes for attending international research and science seminars, congresses, symposiums, and conferences, along with estimating and requesting the required budgets

-         To arrange for sabbatical leaves and academic tours for faculty members and to assist the KGUTs Deputy for Research and Technology in supervising their research and education affairs 

-         To allocate different types of scholarships to faculty members and graduates of the KGUT

-         To inquire about different ways for attracting scientific assistance from Iranian scholars living abroad

-         To provide the infrastructures for attracting and accepting international students in M. Sc. and Ph.D. programs, in collaboration with the KGUT faculties and institutes

-         To assist the faculty members and scientific associations at the KGUT in linking to and contacting with international scientific associations and international scientist and scholars, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology

-         To provide and establish mutual agreements for scientific collaboration between the KGUT and international universities and research institutions, as well as to enroll and register the KGUT faculties and institutes in international scientific groups and networks

-         To conduct the affairs of foreigner visiting professors and researchers within the KGUT

-         To hold short-term research and educational workshops as well as specialized exhibits for technology and innovation on both local and international scales

-         To program for mutual activities in research and education with other domestic and international scientific centers

-         To publish the scientific and technological achievements of the KGUT as books, journals, reports, etc. in collaboration with the related divisions

-         To inquire about the international research centers which can provide the KGUT with research and education opportunities and facilities

-         To provide and develop opportunities for the KGUTs students in conducting collaboration and research at other divisions of the university, including the Deputy for Research and Technology or the Science and Technology Park

Official email: international [AT] kgut.ac.ir

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