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The ITIC is designed to develop the networks and information requirements of university academic staffs and students for their conduction of more effective researches. This center plays an important role in expanding the sciences and technologies of the KGUT via providing data infrastructures (internet and intranet), establishing web services and local networks, and supporting hardware and software systems. Preparing and executing the IT programs in line with major policies and plans of the university is another  main task of this center.

 Network & Internet section

     This unit is responsible for analyzing, developing and supporting the data infrastructures (i.e. internet and intranet), as well as the Campus LAN of the university. A major part of the university network services has been designed and operated based on open-source software; among the main advantages of Unix-like operating system, one can mention its consistency, security, and reliability.

 Software and Automation Section

     The main task of this unit is developing, and supporting the required software and automation of the executive processes of the university. Different software and automation have been implemented which are administrative, finance automation, education, research system and etc.

 Video-conferencing System

     Video-conference is a unique technology that makes the establishment of audio and visual live relation and interaction feasible between people in different locations at different distances. Geographical distances, shortage of specialized human resources in different branches of science, as well as the increase in working expenses have all led to difficulty in access to the universitys required sources; therefore, this technology is provided at the GUAT as a great help to overcome the mentioned barriers.

In-service Training Unit

     Training the employees to promote their knowledge, skills, and performance is being carried out at the KGUT using software and hardware systems. Since education planning is among the top priorities for all universities, the GUAT holds educational and in-service training courses for the employees in ICDL, internet, network, etc.

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