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This department is currently working in two majors (i.e. seismology and earthquake) and also admits students in geo-magnetics. M. Sc. students of geophysics are provided with opportunities to continue their studies and conduct researches on various areas of seismology such as geophysics, seismotectonics, seismicity, seismological indicators, plate tectonics, lithospheric processes, and Receiver function on numerical modeling. Long-term objectives of this department include further development of this major in subfields of geo-electrics and geo-magnetics, tectonics, engineering seismology, environmental geology, and metrology. The department of Geophysics is now collaborating with other GUAT departments of remote sensing (RS), geographic information system (GIS), as well as with the Center for Numerical Analysis.
Education program of geophysics has been designed so as to transfer knowledge from different areas to M. Sc. students of this major. Students holding a B. Sc. in physics, geology, mathematics, and mining engineering can also continue their studies in this major. The B. Sc. graduates of geology need to pass one or two courses in mathematics and physics as prerequisite credits. In addition, other B. Sc. students are required to pass courses in general geology. Regarding calculation skills which constitute a significant role in a geophysicists job, all students should have sufficient knowledge of calculation and numerical modeling, together with mastery over required computer programming languages. Students of this major ought to pass courses covering almost all main subfields of geophysics and are required to be trained in an apprenticeship program and pass a seminar course within a research project before their thesis defense.

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