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Optimization theory is currently being applied in different fields of science including industry, economics, management, medicine, and energy. This theory deals with finding the best answer to maximize or minimize a problem; more specifically, convex optimization has various applications in energy and economics. In fact, since numerical analysis as a subfield of applied mathematics is an interdisciplinary major, it has numerous applications in other majors such as civil engineering, electricity (energy), photonics, geophysics, earthquake, GIS, IT, etc. Therefore, instructors and students of this major can conduct applied researches jointly with students of technical majors to generate applied sciences.
Wavelet theory, whose application has been proved in telecommunications, geology, mining engineering, medical engineering, civil engineering, etc., is a subfield of applied mathematics in this faculty.
Regarding the fact that the GUAT aims to be in cooperation with industry, it is required to establish this subfield of mathematics. This university has competent research staff in subfields of optimized control, wavelets, optimization, and applications of linear algebra and their capabilities can provide the ground for relationships between this subfield of mathematics and other technical fields and industries in the province as well as nationwide. Educating the required specialized workforce in applied mathematics is feasible at this faculty of the GUAT up to PhD level.

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