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In the name of God

Vahid Toufigh

Major (Course): Civil/Geotechnical Engineering

Program: Ph.D


Geotechnical Engineering and Soil Mechanics, is the study of the engineering behavior of soil/rock when, it is used either as a construction material or as a foundation material. The knowledge of soil mechanics has application in many fields of Civil Engineering, such as; foundation, underground and pavement design. The loads from any structure have to be ultimately transmitted to a soil through the foundation for the structure. Thus, the foundation is an important part of a structure, the type and details of which can be decided upon only with the knowledge and application of the principles of soil mechanics. Underground structures such as drainage structures, pipe lines, and tunnels and earth-retaining structures such as retaining walls and bulkheads can be designed and constructed only by using the principles of soil mechanics and the concept of soil-structure interaction, and Pavement Design may consist of the design of flexible or rigid pavements. Flexible pavements depend more on the subgrade soil for transmitting the traffic loads. Problems peculiar to the design of pavements are the effect of repetitive loading, swelling and shrinkage of sub-soil and frost action. Consideration of these and other factors in the efficient design of a pavement is a must and one cannot do without the knowledge of soil mechanics.

Courses Title:

Soil Dynamics, Special Topic in Geotechnical Engineering, Foundation Engineering, Mathematical Engineering and Finite Element.

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