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Major (Course): Micro and nanoelectronics devices engineering

Program: Master


Micro and nanoelectronics devices engineering is one of the electrical engineering branches in the masters level. Micro and nanoelectronics devices engineering focuses on the design of electronic components and elements, including sensors, light-sensitive components, transistors, and so on. In fact, the main focus in micro and nanoelectronics devices engineering is on the properties of materials and semiconductors and the production of infrastructure components. Nanoelectronics devices are about the design of electronic components and elements such as sensors, light and beam sensitive components, transistors and... using nanotechnology. The term covers a wide range of devices and materials, all of which have one thing in common: atomic reactions and quantum mechanical properties due to their very small size.  Using this technology makes it possible to integrate more transistors on one chip. Nanoelectronics promises to build faster processors for computers.

Currently, several techniques are being explored, such as nanolithography, the use of nanomaterials, and nanowires. Field effect transistors are made using carbon nanotubes. Nanotechnology makes it possible to build very high-density memories. Using this technology, screens with lower energy consumption can be produced. Also, the construction and use of quantum computers that follow the laws of quantum mechanics, dramatically improves the performance of computer systems.

Micro and nanoelectronics devices are of emerging branches which their topics are at the frontiers of knowledge. Most of the activities in this field in the country have research aspect and one of the goals of establishing such branch in the country is scientific growth and nurturing a generation of scientists specializing in nanotechnologies.



Quantum Electronics


Very Large-Scale Integrated Circuit (VLSI)


Solid State Devices


Analog Integrated Circuits




Theory and Manufacturing Technology of Semiconductor Devices




Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization




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