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Major (Course): Electrical Power and Control Engineering

Program: PhD in Electrical Power Engineering


The PhD program in Electric Power Engineering is intended for students who want to do research on developing technology in different areas of power systems, power electronics and drives. You may be able to contribute to finding solutions for the power networks of the future that are of high relevance to society, and to meet industrial needs and global challenges. You will be able to benefit from a broad spectrum of research specializations, offered by a large and research-intensive faculty that also gives access to international research. Taking the PhD degree provides a unique opportunity for in-dept study and academic specialization and you will have the opportunity of doing research within a broad field of study where potentially many areas of application exist. Academically, the doctoral program covers the broad interdisciplinary aspects of electric power engineering: energy conversion, the transfer and use of electric energy, as well as techno-economic matters.

Courses Title:

Power System Dynamics, Power System Operation, Comprehensive theory of Electrical Machines, Electric Energy Distribution, High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Reactive Power Control, Analysis of Power System Transients, Probabistic Analysis of Power Systems, Principles of Modern Control, Digital Protection of Power Systems, Power Electronics I, Power Electronics II, Control of Electrical Drives, Modern Electrical Machines, Power Electronic Converters Design, Renewable Energies, Nonlinear Control, Industrial Automation, Advanced Instrumentation, System Identification, Robust Control, Fuzzy Control, Neural Control, Dissertation


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