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Major (Course): Electrical Power and Control Engineering

Program: MSc in Power Systems Engineering


The Power Systems Engineering MSc is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work at a professional level in industries involved in the production, distribution and consumption of energy and power. This wide range of industries includes transport, conventional and renewable power generation. Students will study the analysis and design of conventional and renewable systems and the use of computers in advanced engineering analysis. The program provides the skills and knowledge you need to significantly enhance your career prospects in the electrical power industry, developing your power engineering skills through expert teaching and extensive research work undertaken in collaboration with power industry partners. It aims to produce graduates of the highest quality with the right skills and knowledge who will be capable of leading in teams involved in the operation, control, design, and economic analysis of the electrical power systems.


Courses Title:

Power System Dynamics, Power System Operation, Comprehensive theory of Electrical Machines, Electric Energy Distribution, High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Reactive Power Control, Analysis of Power System Transients, Probabistic Analysis of Power Systems, Principles of Modern Control, Digital Protection of Power Systems, Renewable Energies, Nonlinear Control, Industrial Automation, Advanced Instrumentation, System Identification, Robust Control, Fuzzy Control, Neural Control, Seminar, Dissertation

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