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Department of Computer and Information Technology

Introduction to the Department.

Department of Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering at GUAT is active in two fields of computer engineering-computer architecture, information technology engineering, and information technology. This Department has one faculty member with the rank of associate professor and four faculty members with the rank of assistant professor. 

Computer Architecture

The goal of the establishment of a Masters degree in Computer Architecture Engineering is to train experts to have ideal efficiency in the fields of design, manufacturing, and launching hardware systems, review and identify existing hardware systems and design software for them, to present operation methods, maintenance, troubleshooting, correction and to develop them. The courses which are offered in this department include an advanced computer network, digital electronics, system-on-chip, advanced computer architecture, advanced operating system, safe computer systems, evaluation of computer system efficiency, design and assessment of embedded systems, and design of fault-tolerance systems.

Information Technology

The purpose of this Masters degree program in the field of Information Technology is to train expert human forces for public and private institutes and companies to be able to work on areas related to information technology to remove the needs of todays tomorrow the society. The grounds of the activities of the Department of Information Technology include IT management, telecommunications, and computer management, information security, and knowledge management. This department has a network and safety lab. The courses which are offered in this department include Computer network assessment, distributive systems, information technology engineering 2, advanced computer networks, storing network architecture, special topics on computer networks, quality supply in telecommunications and computer networks, network security, and management of computer and telecommunications networks.


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