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Security Office

The Security Office operates at the University to preserve the values of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic, spread the culture of service, take responsibility toward people, establish the system of merit, observe rules and regulations, make interaction and cooperation with executives to fulfill organizational objectives, strive to identify opportunities, harms, and threats of the university to prevent the emergence of threats, and ultimately to fulfill an effective security, decision-making and respondent office.

Description of Duties:

-to protect personnel data, documents, venues, and environments under the coverage to prevent and of threats and possible dangers,

- to present security consultation and information services to the university president

- to prepare environmental identity cards, collect news, and adjust necessary reports

-to forecast and prevent illegal motions at the university

-to prepare protective plans and issue respective instructions and to train personnel to keep the classified documents and monitor the smooth performance of it

-to develop protective plans and to use protective instructions for venue and monitoring the performance of physical protection and disciplinary office

-to create an archive and confidential secretariat for registering and issuing all classified letters of the university

-to monitor the observance of protective and security considerations on installing and developing the existing networks at the university

-to do other affairs within the scope of instructions and commissioned duties