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Department of Materials Engineering at GUAT started its activities in 2007 with the admission of students to the Masters degree program (major: corrosion). This Department in collaboration with Materials Research Institute and modern educational and research labs (Materials Research Institutes Labs: Optical Microscopes Lab, Metallography Lab, Powder Metallurgy Lab, Materials Mechanical Properties Lab, Materials Analysis Lab, Powdermal Operation Lab, Sold State Forming Lab, Atomic Force Microscope Lab, Organic and General Chemistry lab, Device Chemistry Lab, Casting Lab) is one of the most comprehensive educational and research department nationwide.  

In addition to educating the students, this Department has conducted different research projects on composites, surface and coating engineering, corrosion and oxidation, materials extraction and recycling, casting, new energies, fuel cells, and nanomaterials.

The results of these researches have been published in local and international prestigious universities and the number, journal impact factors, and coefficient of papers on Materials Engineering have had a noticeable role in the promotion of the academic rank of the University. 

At present, over 10 students are studying in Masters degree programs and Ph.D. programs. The over 10 students are studying Mechanicals Protection to acquire capabilities in the following areas:

-        Correction and improvement of the properties of alloys in use in industry from the viewpoint of corrosion

-        Protection of metals and alloys in environments in use (preventers)

-        Cathode and Anode protection in particular on underground pipes and sea installations

-        Application of different non-metal coating in industries

-        Preparing Corrosion reducing agents, detergents, plating materials, coatings and improving their qualities

The graduates of this field can function in ship-building industries, pier, and ports, airplane industries, power plants, petrochemical industrials, etc.  

Faculty Members:

Hadi Ebrahimifar, Assistant  professor

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, (Major: Corrosion and protection of materials), Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Research Areas: Corrosion, Surface Engineering, Heat Treatment, Solid oxide fuel cells

Start of activities as a faculty member: 2018

Email: H.Ebrahimifar@kgut.ac.ir

Tel. 03433776611


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