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In 1990, following a meeting between Minister of Science, Research and Technology ( Dr. Moein) with Prof. Abdus Salam, the late Pakistani physicist, and based on his recommendation on the establishment of interdisciplinary research centers in developing countries and the efforts made by the general governor of Kerman, a center under the title of Advanced Science and Technology and Environmental Sciences Center was founded in the area of about 2000 hectares in kilometer 27 of Haft Bagh-e Alavi highway and close to the historical city of Mahan, Kerman. This Center was established on the basis of the Law passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly in 1996 and also the approval of its constitution in the cabinet in 1998.

Later in 2007, with the approval of the Higher Education Development Council at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, I.R. of Iran the license for the establishment of the Graduate University of Advanced Technology (GUAT) was issued and GUAT was established with two main research and technology sectores: the Research Institute of Sciences and High Technology and Environmental Sciences and the Kerman Province Science and Technology Park.

Graduate University of Advanced Technology (GUAT) is a public university and the only postgraduate industrial university in the southeastern area of the country that composed of five faculties, namely: Faculty of Modern Science and Technology, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Faculty of Mechanics and Materials Engineering.

The Research Institute of Sciences and High Technology and Environmental Sciences  is the only research institute outside of Tehran that has five Research Institutes including: Institute of Environmental Sciences, Institute of Photonics, Institute of Materials, Institute of Energy, Institute of Environment, Research Group of IT and Computer, and  33 advanced laboratories.

The Kerman Province Science and Technology Park, consisting of accelerator, eight incubator centers at the provincial level, multi-tenant technology complexes. Its research and technology fund provides services to technology businesses and knowledge-based companies.

GUAT has hundred and forty five full-time faculty members and is one of the science and technology centers in the country that has the ability to produce science and convert it into wealth and create jobs.

In addition to establishing links with local and foreign academics and research and industrial centers, holding national and international educational seminars and workshops, it moves to create a new generation of entrepreneurial universities in the southeast of Iran.